Wallpaper Fridays


Give your desktop a fresh new look with this Escher-esque wallpaper. Check out this link for the full-resolution image.


What's In Your Garage?


These garage doors have special wallpaper on them to give the illusion that the owner of this home has a dump truck hidden within. I don't know about some of you folks, but in case I get bored of one image I would hope that these wallpapers are easily removable!

garbage truck on garage illusion

Optical Illusions In Transparent Monitors


You may have seen these before, monitors that have the view directly behind it set as a wallpaper. These give the illusion that the monitor is transparent by displaying a non-real-time view. According to Jason Fitzpatrick at Lifehacker, these can enhance the workspace and reduce the visual weight of your monitor. I'm willing to try this out as the technique behind this is really simple.

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