Pencil Illusion


Slowly scroll down the page. Then slowly scroll back up. Do you notice anything in particular about these pencils?


Quick Guide To Dragon Illusion Paper


If you recall the Samsung set of illusions here, you might remember the kick-butt 3D Robodragon that was the highlight of the video. If you were wondering how to make it, here is a quick quick video highlighting the steps you must follow. All you need is some paper and some origami folding skills.

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Man With The Jaw of A Queen


Featured on SmartCanucks, the photo is a very smart illusion of a man with a $20 Canadian bill held in front of him. To do this, have a camera man holding the bill while he or she finds the perfect angle and distance to capture your photo. The only requirement is a decent camera and a Queen-worthy jaw.


Contact Juggling


Contact Juggling is the art of juggling a ball without releasing it into the air so that it looks as if it's floating in the air. It takes years of practice to perform it flawlessly. Fortunately, this man has done that work for us:

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Escher Stairs and Impossible Physics


The influence of Escher can most recently be seen in the latest Christopher Nolan film, Inception, where the characters employ mathematically-inspired elements to create an impossible dream world. One such element is the Infinite Stairs, which is recreated here by Chris Detmer.

Escher Stairs by
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