Facial Recognition And Fooling The Brain


The brain has a dedicated section for recognizing facial features. The following set of upside down images will most likely first seem normal to you, but when turned right-side-up, the case for normality is now distorted. The science behind this is that faces can only be recognized when key facial elements are right-side-up. Otherwise, the face becomes nothing more than an object.


Man With The Jaw of A Queen


Featured on SmartCanucks, the photo is a very smart illusion of a man with a $20 Canadian bill held in front of him. To do this, have a camera man holding the bill while he or she finds the perfect angle and distance to capture your photo. The only requirement is a decent camera and a Queen-worthy jaw.


Can you find the face?


Here's a fantastic piece of photo work that will get your day started. Can you spot the face in the photo? See how long it takes you to find it.

Still can't find it? Drink some coffee. Caffeine increases concentration and has effects on visual perception. Just don't spill the coffee when spot the face!

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