Wallpaper Fridays - "Infinite Escher"


How many users out there still have this old black MacBook? If you're one of them, set this as your wallpaper now. Find the full size image here. I really like this one because here is one user who apparently doesn't shy away from using his MacBook roughly. Though Escher's works may be found in museums, this Macbook certainly won't.


Wallpaper Fridays


Give your desktop a fresh new look with this Escher-esque wallpaper. Check out this link for the full-resolution image.


The Nuts and Pen Escheresque Illusion


YouTube user, brusspup, seems to have a lot of time on his hands. He is well-known for high-viewcount illusions on YouTube that are all homemade. This video features two nuts that were made out of paper and designed to create the illusion that the pen is going through the nuts in physics-defying ways. The setup is fittingly Escheresque.

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M.C. Escher's Waterfall in Real Life


An amazing, real-world reproduction of M.C. Escher's waterfall illusion.

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Escher Stairs and Impossible Physics


The influence of Escher can most recently be seen in the latest Christopher Nolan film, Inception, where the characters employ mathematically-inspired elements to create an impossible dream world. One such element is the Infinite Stairs, which is recreated here by Chris Detmer.

Escher Stairs by
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