Optical Illusions

Widder's Ball Illusion


"Direction Sensing" is a type of illusion of which has an image that appears to change as a function of physical movement by the observer.

In this “Widder’s Ball” illusion, as the head moves forward and eyes focus and concentrate only on the small black dot at the center, the red gradient begins to flow outwards to fill the ball.


Good From Far, But Far From Good


A simple play on perspectives and basic human male desire come together to form this illusion. What initially appears to be a beautiful lady is actually...well, let's not spoil the surprise.


This Causes Bad Eyes


Which did you see first, the blocks or the words?
The sentence will have you question your vision as you squint to make out the illusion! So don't try too hard.

If you still can't make out the phrase, close your eyes for several seconds, stand back at a distance, and then look at it again.
If you can't make out the blocks, I find that moving in closer helps.


Pencil Illusion


Slowly scroll down the page. Then slowly scroll back up. Do you notice anything in particular about these pencils?


Interactive Street Trompe L'oeil


From an unknown artist we have a series of paintings that all look like they have been drawn in the same city, perhaps even on the same street. These Trompe L'oeil are quite interactive and pedestrians alike seem to enjoy taking part in some of the illusions. One more bonus image of a beautiful lady blending in with a wall using body paint.


The Castle Of Illusion


This is 100% photoshop free. 2 Much Caffeine on Flickr created this using actual lego pieces. The detail in this work is phenomenal and makes me wish I was this good at lego when I was a kid!


Facial Recognition And Fooling The Brain


The brain has a dedicated section for recognizing facial features. The following set of upside down images will most likely first seem normal to you, but when turned right-side-up, the case for normality is now distorted. The science behind this is that faces can only be recognized when key facial elements are right-side-up. Otherwise, the face becomes nothing more than an object.


The Samsung Illusions


"The robotic Dinosaur is one of the best optical illusions I have ever seen."

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