Optical Illusions

Rabbit or Duck?


Do you see a rabbit or do you see a duck?


Impossible Block


A 3D illusion of an impossible block. Also known as an irrational cube, the image consists of an illustration of a cube that could never exist in real life.


Giant Man Small Car


Don't let the video quality throw you off! Keep watching until the end to see a fantastic camera-work illusion.

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Wallpaper Fridays


Give your desktop a fresh new look with this Escher-esque wallpaper. Check out this link for the full-resolution image.


What's In Your Garage?


These garage doors have special wallpaper on them to give the illusion that the owner of this home has a dump truck hidden within. I don't know about some of you folks, but in case I get bored of one image I would hope that these wallpapers are easily removable!

garbage truck on garage illusion

False Color Castle


Similar to an illusion posted before, this trick is more in your eyes than in your mind. The rods and cones in the back of your retina take time to adjust after you release focus off the dot. Once they adjust, the proper signal is sent to your brain to tell you that, "Hey! This ain't colored!"

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Hershey Kisses Mug Illusion


More on the side of art than illusion, two mugs are being poured by an invisible force to form two faces kissing.


Bulging Grid Illusion


Found by Chris Foster and Eric Altschuler, moving the head towards the grid causes the image to distort and bulge towards you.

If you look carefully at the grid, you'll notice that some of the squares are not aligned perfectly corner-to-corner. This is intentionally done at specific points to induce the bulging effect.

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