Optical Illusions

Cougar By The Smoke


This cougar is watching the smoke flow out of the chimney. What's coming out of the chimney is interesting. It's not just smoke, and the cougar finds it interesting to watch. The cougar in the smoke reflects the same stance as the other cougar.


Garden Angels with Love


The butterflies are all gathering together in this picture. Different sizes, shapes and colors but they all have one thing in common. They all form together to make a illusion. There are 2 butterflies that stand out the most. Can you spot them?


The Dragon's Fire In The Castle


This red dragon seems to be in a rage. His fire flows through the castle in a straight line. His tail is wrapped around the castle. Is there anything else you can notice?


Spinning Balerina Illusion, side by side


Here's a side by side comparison that can help you see the two directions of spin in this popular spinning ballerina illusion.


Wallpaper Fridays - "Infinite Escher"


How many users out there still have this old black MacBook? If you're one of them, set this as your wallpaper now. Find the full size image here. I really like this one because here is one user who apparently doesn't shy away from using his MacBook roughly. Though Escher's works may be found in museums, this Macbook certainly won't.


Rusty's The Hidden Tiger Illusion


The Illusionist today presents to you a huge Bengal Tiger, inked and colored by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust. The tiger stands proud in a bamboo forest, perhaps daring you to spot the illusion within. The Illusionist will spare no hint here, but should you require one, inquire within the comments.


Veja Magazine's "Get Both Sides"


These sets of faces were constructed with just words. Try and see if you can make out the words. You'll see that the words themselves describe or portray a bit about the person depicted in the whole illustration itself.

The words are: Dead Alive, Peace War, Tiranny or Freedom, Threat Pretext.


Three Cool Sentence Illusions


In the first photo, count the number of F's. How many do you see? Hint: There are more than 4.

In the second photo, there is an error in the grammar. Can you spot it? Hint: Twice.

In the third photo, say the color of the ink out loud. How fast can you do it?

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