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Showcasing the world's best performance magic, tricks, optical illusions and other conceptual wonders.

We invite you to experience talented performers from around the world and contribute to the dynamic world of magic and illusion. While the secrets behind magic are hidden behind science, art and psychology, you will soon discover that it is the real magic inherent in the natural world that makes many illusions possible.

Magic requires the development of skill, dedication and research, like any other art. Anyone has access to develop the mastery of this art, but it is up to you to realize its potential. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush, but it takes more than the tool to develop a masterpiece.

Share ideas, concepts, methods and performances while promoting your work to other creative performers, as well as magic enthusiasts. With theIllusionist.net, you can learn, practice and discover how to apply magic to elevate your and other's everyday experiences like never before.